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How to use psd mockups

Once you purchase your mockup, you will receive a link to download your PSD mockup file on the checkout page, as well as in a email.

Step 1.

To add your design simply double click the ‘Click Here’ layer image, this will open the smart object in a new file window. 

Step 2.

Once you’ve accessed the Smart Object you can place your creative by either dragging and dropping from your Finder (MAC) or File Explorer (Windows), alternatively you can click Photoshop’s top tab > ‘file’ > ‘Place Linked File’. 

Step 3.

Save the Smart Object and your design will then appear on the mockup file. 


Experiment with the overlays, levels and opacities to get your desired look.


For the best results, make sure you use the latest version of Adobe Photoshop. 


For further support please contact us where we can assist you with installation and other mockup enquiries. 

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