Jorge Gil

Jorge Gil

Jorge Gil is an independent brand designer and art director with a passion for photography. Hailing from Mexico City, he has always been fueled by curiosity and a relentless desire for self-improvement. As a self-taught designer, he has honed his craft for over 8 years, bringing a unique perspective and creativity to his projects. Beyond his professional pursuits, Jorge finds inspiration in the world around him, constantly seeking new ways to blend artistry with design.

Behind the lens

M&Co - Where is your favourite place to shoot and why?

Jorge - I love shooting in cities; I’m obsessed with symmetry and contrast. Currently, I live near Salt Lake City and am surrounded by nature, which is a good thing. It allows me to experiment with shooting all kinds of things."

M&Co - Who are your biggest inspirations?

Jorge - Oh, there's a long list of photographers I admire. Lately, I've been really into @fuji.hunter. Not only am I a Fuji fan myself, but I find it truly inspiring how he discovers beauty and contrast in his surroundings, even without fancy buildings or signs—just the simple beauty of the suburbs. Also, @dodafoto's shadow work is stunning and incredibly creative.

M&Co - How do you think the industry is changing and how are you best adapting to that?

Jorge - I'm not overly familiar with the photography industry since my main field is in design, but one thing I've noticed is the importance of creativity for photographers to make their work stand out. In today's world, where everyone has a 26+ MP camera in their pocket, taking crisp images, it's more crucial than ever to find your niche and tell a compelling story through your work.

M&Co - What has been the best way for you to find and earn new work?

Jorge - Networking and sharing your work are essential. Letting everyone know what you do and not being shy to ask for referrals or inform previous clients that you're available has worked very well for me.

M&Co - What are your thoughts on ai and using that in your work?

There's definitely a learning curve involved, and the more you know about the tools at your disposal, the better you'll be. This includes understanding prompts, design theory, and history. Better prompts lead to less time spent on concepting, which ultimately translates to higher pay.

M&Co - What was your favourite project from 2023?
Working on the branding and strategy for Consider This was incredibly enjoyable. With the launch of their products scheduled for this year, I'm thrilled to see those bars on shelves!

M&Co - What's next for you?

I aim to spend more time on personal projects such as my photo journal and to spend additional time outdoors with my camera and kids.

M&Co - Your top 3 inspo resources to visit?

Jorge -

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